Kitchen Cabinets Made to Your Specifications

The Right Cabinetry Will Transform Your Kitchen

Great cabinetry must perfectly combine quality, design, and functionality. Furthermore, custom cabinetry demands that the designer carefully considers a room’s function, layout, and style. That means when creating cabinets for a kitchen, or any other room for that matter, much must be taken into consideration. Our seasoned team and measured, proven approach are certain to improve any room in ways which our clients often don’t anticipate.

We Offer So Much More Than a Big Box Store

We work directly with our industry’s leading manufacturers, and we craft every part of the cabinets we provide by hand. And thanks to our decades of hands-on experience, we are able to do this while still offering prices competitive with those of big-box stores. You will see, however, that we surpass the impersonalized service that such stores represent in every imaginable way.

No Detail is Overlooked

Even cursory inspection of our cabinets’ quality, cost, fit, and customization will prove that we offer the greatest value in cabinetry throughout the state of Wisconsin. We implement only the materials that we have determined are best, personalize our service so that your new cabinets line up exactly with your vision, and ensure that every project’s parameters are met.

Don’t entrust the outcome of your remodeling or construction project to anyone less dedicated than we are. Your home — and your peace of mind — deserve no less. Contact Cornerstone Woodworking at 715-822-4605 for custom kitchen cabinets in Cumberland, WI and the surrounding area.

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